DS-Corporate-Logo_midDrivingSales is the leader in delivering business intelligence and data to car dealers and is dedicated to the success of auto dealers and the betterment of the auto industry in general. Jared Hamilton, the founder and CEO, is a third-generation dealer with a passion for technology and real expertise in the industry. In 2003, while enrolled at NADA University, he launched a school project aimed at creating a virtual 20 group for all dealers everywhere. His social network was well received so he left the dealership and started DrivingSales which has grown to include not only the biggest automotive social network in the world, but also an online University for dealers, a quarterly magazine, and an annual Executive Summit.



DrivingSales.com is a business intelligence and data company that provides dealers with actionable data and information to help them be more profitable. We were the first to build social media for the auto industry and are the only ones who own our own technology, but our message has expanded beyond social media. Today, we continue to curate hot topics through social media, but our technology has expanded well beyond simple blogs. Core technology capabilities separate us from the pack, for example, community members can sort through topics for content that is specific to their interests. DrivingSales.com is an online place for dealers and other automotive professions to gather and deliver actionable profit-building information to dealers.



DrivingSales Vendor Ratings is the only completely unbiased venue where dealers can anonymously rate and review their vendors quarterly. It is also the only (to our knowledge) rating system that validates every review done on the website (we make phone calls and check IP addresses). These reviews and composite rating scores become an invaluable peer-provided guide for other dealers as they search for solutions and solution providers to implement in their dealerships. It also acts as a barometer for vendors to monitor their product quality, company reputation, and customer satisfaction.

In conjunction with the Vendor Ratings, DrivingSales proudly represents the voice of the dealer body and rewards the highest-rated vendors a Dealer Satisfaction Award. Each recipient of this prestigious award receives a beautiful custom-designed trophy and the right to the title for a full year.


DrivingSales University

DSU is a full curriculum teaching Internet strategies to dealership professionals who want to learn the most pertinent and profit-building information from a team of world leading experts. DSU is available 24-7 and the information is real-time, up-to-date and guaranteed to help dealerships drive improvements across departments, while also laying the foundation to help them grow into the future. DrivingSales University gained a new executive Director, Shaun Raines, who has hit the ground running.


DrivingSales Executive Summit

The DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) is a dealer-driven automotive event, laser-focused on cutting-edge dealership operations. It features a guest list of the most successful and innovative dealership operators in the country, world-renowned speakers and an agenda designed to educate, inspire and foster a collaborative process. We bring in world renowned speakers from inside and outside the auto industry that have been requested by our dealer attendees. By paying meticulous attention, we can connect dealer requests with the best-in-class presentations and deliver the highest quality education for our attendees. We strategically choose speakers that will help dealerships leave the DSES with an actionable plan to increase their bottom line. We also have the Best Idea and Innovation Cup contests challenging both dealers and vendors respectively to bring and implement the most innovative strategies to make dealer operations more profitable.



DrivingSalesTV delivers dealership trends, ‘the story behind the story,’ as well as interviews with the experts, executives, and innovators who help drive the auto industry forward. With DSTV, dealers can easily keep tabs on their industry, see best practices in action, and have a more personal view into peer success stories, in a format that is lively, interesting, interactive – even, at times, provocative – but always with a focus on business innovation and dealership profitability improvement.

DSTV’s broadcast calendar includes live streams from industry events; special reports from dealerships around the country; focused segments on every dealership department; special ‘innovation’ reports on emerging solutions, as well as regular webcasts and programs broadcast from DrivingSales’ Utah-based television studios. DSTV will also integrate social media content into its format and, like DrivingSales.com, will be interactive and vendor-neutral and include profit-building information.


DrivingSales Data

DrivingSales Data tracks dealerships’ online performance and allows them to benchmark their results against dealerships nationwide to identify growth opportunities and maximize success. It has only launched in private beta, but can be expected to make a full release soon.


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