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Common Requests:


Creating a winning online strategy for your dealership

This presentation covers the three pillar thinking approach to online success including:

  • What are the 14 marketing channels dealers have online to connect with customers?
  • What are the 7 process points every dealer must execute to maximize their closing rates?
  • What are the 5 org structures dealers are using to organize their staff to scale online success?

After explaining these three pillars to online success we do a deep dive into the low hanging fruit dealers can use to double their traffic in 90 days.


Online Marketing for Dealership Leaders

In this presentation we will go through all 14 of the online marketing channels, show how to measure benchmarks for each and how to maximize a dealer’s roi on each one. Once we have reviewed a dealer’s marketing options, I will show how a dealer should decide which they should invest in and in which order for the greatest success. Each dealer will leave with a long list of quick fixes that they can immediately implement at their store to boost traffic.


Search Engine Marketing

In this session we begin with an explanation of how google works. Once we have demonstrated how the search giant operates, we dive into the strategies to maximize traffic from the it. We will cover how PPC vs SEO, and how to determine if your website is doing its job. In conclusion we will put the pieces together and show a complete search strategy including PPC, SEO, Microsites, Social Media and effective keyword selection.


Social Media ROI for Dealers

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Online reviews are all the rage, but do they produce ROI for dealerships? The answer is yes, but only if you align the appropriate strategy with the correct assets. In this session begins by outlining the main social media technologies in the marketing to catch everyone up on the technologies and “lingo” of the social web. We then cover the 5 main strategic options you have to produce social media ROI, show which assets should be used to achieve each of the 5 goals. We will demonstrate a successful dealership editorial calendar and then show how to tie it all together to produce social media results: Selecting the right goal, using the right assets and properly engaging the community.


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